Thursday, June 19, 2008

crocheted hoodie... and more UFO's finished

I have completed more things.. of course there are always more to be completed because even though I try, I still have startitis. Anyway. I have completed two more baby sweaters (both crocheted - here is one - no photos of #2 yet)
and a car seat blanket that I made months ago finally has a home. I swear... I make something not gender neutral and then store it waiting for the first girl baby to be born... and all boys are born. Then, I have a girl that needs a gift, Zoe Abigail, and I send it off to it's new home... and more girls are born. From now on I am going to make gender neutral ONLY!!!

In other news... the guernsey that was going to be a gift... the one I posted about that I frogged twice, anyway, I am now making that for Erin... it should fit her this fall. I have started a new sweater for the baby that was originally intended for. They had a girl. Not that the other wasn't gender neutral, it was... I just wasn't seeing it as a good gift for them. I know... Another started item... so, just so it's on paper, because the bars to the right aren't telling the full story... here it what is started and currently being worked on:

Mom's Crocheted Afghan
Firestone Knit Cardigan
Erin's new Knit Guernsey sweater (more pics will be posted soon)
knit sock for me (car project - will be done in the year 3000!)
Crocheted Graph Afghan (can't be worked on until Erin is older or not around)
Crocheted cap for me

and what I want to start
Knit hat for me
Knit hat for Erin
Knit cardigan for me
Crocheted holiday gifts (can't say more here)

BUT I will not start or cast on anything else until some more of the UFO's are done.