Sunday, October 19, 2008

Catching UP.....

This month is always a crazy one. Between preparing for Rosh Hashanah, then Yom Kippur, then Sukkot and Shmini Atseret there is always something that needs to be done and blogging certainly doesn't seem to take priority. BUT... a lot has been going on. And, to prove it, here are a few peeks at things that have been completed. Of course, there are about 3 other things that haven't been photographed yet, but at least here's a start!This dress is for a dear friend of mine's youngest... she's a total "girl" even at only 4 months old, and I hope she wears this well... It will need a longsleeve onesie and tights under it, but since Kira is a mom of 3, I am sure she will figure it out! Thanks to my MIL for helping me line the darn thing. I knew I wanted an openwork bottom, but wasn't sure the best way to line it.
This was for a cousin's daughter who was born awhile ago... I did most of this while we were driving from here to Pittsburgh and back, but didn't actually "finish" it and give it until recently. I don't really know the parents too well, but I hope they put her in it at least once - it will definitely be warm. I think the yarn probably works better knit than crocheted and I originally bought the yarn to make a coat for Smush...but then I began the guernsey (see below) as this baby gift and realized that it was turning out like size 4T, that the new baby was a girl and perhaps they were going to be the type of parents who liked pink on their daughter and that I really liked the yarn and perhaps this would be better for Smush... so I swapped the projects.
This is the sweater you have see here before. It is even more completed now... and I had to buy more yarn. This bulky stuff only has about 70yards per ball and it doesn't go far! I have now completed the ribbing on the very bottom, the neck ribbing and have begun one sleeve. It is very large - and has been put aside for a little bit until I get some other stuff under control.

In the works, on my desk upstairs, I have a small caterpillar that will be for a baby gift, and I want to make one more toy... but I don't know what. I have begun and completed a holiday gift for one niece and am completing the other niece's as well. I have two good friends who are due in January, and one who is due in November. Needless to say I am working in the order of potential birth...this is all good!

ok... this is getting posted even though I have more to say... soon the holidays will be over and hopefully things will get back to "normal."