Sunday, September 30, 2007

delinquency.... shocker!!!!!

So, I am still developing my thoughts for what I truly want to include in this blog. I know I want to use it to organize myself, I want to be able to share what's going on in our world, but I don't want to bore the world. Part of this is just to track my days as I become more adjusted to raising a family versus it just being me and my husband, and also, I want to keep my brain active. In the interest of actually making this a full view of me and our family, it is not going to just incorporate the fiber world thoughts I have, but also include the important things in our world, like the fact that we are Modern Orthodox Jews and that we are trying to start a business as well. Some posts are going to be about fiber stuff, some will be about the time of year it is, some will be about our business venture, and some will just, well, be.

On to the topic at hand... every year this happens. School starts and with it all the reminders of fall. I know that every fall the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah comes, and every year I feel like it is either too early or too late. This year, of all years, where it falls in the calendar actually feels just right, but perhaps because of Erin I feel like I have not been prepared. In addition, this year is what we call three day yom tovim, where a bunch of the holidays which are celebrated for two days butt up against a Sabbath and thereby create a situation where we end up celebrating for three days, which isn't inherently a bad thing, it just is, HOWEVER... It does create a situation where it feels like all we do is eat, sleep and go to synagogue.

What it really creates is a backlog of laundry, mail, and other things that need to get done. And, it prevents me from writing regularly. I will be writing more about the holidays in a little bit - not today - today is laundry day - particularly because Erin chose to poop all out her diaper and onto the blanket that she loves to lay on on the kitchen floor.... so that had to get done. But, I was inspired to write a little to share to anyone that might be reading this, that my good friend who is living as an ex-pat in Japan started her blog and she is an amazing author, so if you are interested in reading about life for an American living in Japan, check out - you won't be sorry! enjoy!

It also means that not much knitting or crocheting gets done - although between my mother in law and sister in law and myself it does get discussed. In addition, the new WEBS catalog just arrived, so it's in our thoughts. Just a few words on this - I am almost done with the knit sweater for a friend's baby, I finished the carseat blanket, except for weaving in the ends, I have been getting a little done on the "to be felted" diaper bag and I did 4 rows of the new sweater I am making for Erin... so a little has been accomplished, just not as much as usually gets done.

And, as if that weren't enough... Erin is teething so instead of giving me nice big 4 hour blocks of sleeping, well, lets just say it's "sleepus interruptus" but we're working on it.... more on the holidays and how teething and lack of sleep plays into it all... see - I am not intending to be a blog delinquent... it's just sort of happening....

Sunday, September 9, 2007

FO and UFO (Finished Objects and UnFinished Objects)

Well, I can't believe I actually finished one project... the last dishcloth of the set for my mom... however, I did forget to include what was going to be a nursing poncho for me in the list of items of startitis... (I have to figure out how to link to previous posts stil...) Anyway, I found this gorgeous yarn, started a poncho intending to be able to nurse under it and still have the baby breath freely, but have privacy...however... you knew there was a however coming, didn't you... Well, the yarn sheds. really sheds.... a lot. It's still gorgeous, but every time I take it out to work on it (all knit) I am covered with mohair. There is no way Erin would be happy under there.

The silver lining to that cloud, though, is it is still totally unfinished, and I believe the dimensions will enable me to make a shrug for myself following the directions on the DIY page from the show Knitty Gritty (didn't see the show - my mother-in-law did). All you need is a rectangle...My plan was to knit a rectangle and sew it into a poncho. While I am not really a shrug kinda' gal, I am much more of a shrug gal than a poncho gal. I still love the yarn and am hoping that it will stop shedding once it's washed.

In other late breaking news, the sweater I am knitting which initially had no one specific that it was for, is now assiged. Yet another friend had a baby boy. And, of course, the pile of boy gifts had been depleted (this sweater was intended to at least start to refill it) but now it has two fronts to go with the back and the beginnings of one sleeve... it will eventually be completed... and the swatch for Erin's sweater is done. The yarn for that is gorgeous, feels beautiful, and will make her one fine sweater courtesy of Nanna... beautiful yarn - Manos del Uruguay cotton stria... I have now used their wool and their cotton, love both - they are kettle dyed and absolutely wonderful. I have promised myself, though, that I will not cast on the sweater until I finish the other baby sweater. I must get the list of unfinished objects whittled down. And I must figure out how to post pictures!

It's been awhile since I last posted and while my intention was to post several times a week, I think it might have been about a week since my last one. Why, you might ask.. well, Erin has taken to waking about every hour or so and to be quite honest I don't do so well without sleep. I have trouble remembering things, it takes all of my concentration just to get through the day, and so, that is the answer... long and short!