Saturday, December 29, 2007


When I began this Erin was napping, and I thought I would finish it, however, that never happened so I will post what is here, then continue this discussion...:
old post started here: so I am going to take advantage of this time to write about something that I have been wanting to write about for a long long time. My latest film project...I have had this one in the percolater for way too long. WAY TOO LONG!!!! I started to think about this and even began some preliminary research before I met my husband... We've been married now for three years. We've known each other for a little more than 3 and a half... okay, that doesn't sound like so much longer, but...

Back in 2002 I saw a film at the Pittsburgh Jewish Israeli Film Festival that changed the way I thought about my own filmmaking. For those of you who have known me for a long time, you may remember that when I was working on my MFA some of the faculty gave me a hard time for doing anything with any religious content, even though it was and still is a HUGE part of who I am. They kept telling me there was no market for it, and not that I only make films for the market, I mean lets face it, the festival circuit isn't exactly about the $ you make on a film!!!

Well, there is a market for what I want to do, and that is what I need to focus on. There is even now a Jewish Television channel, at least in NY there is, and so I need to remember that as I make this next film. I just need to make the time to make the film. It will be about the covering of one's head/hair. Unfortunately while I wanted to write about it now, I need to get some sleep...and so the last thing I will leave you with, other than the promise to write more on this topic, is that we have incorporated and so our business is on it's way to becoming a reality.

oh my, how times flies...

I can't even begin to imagine where the time has gone. First off, Erin is now almost 8 months old. She is more than 1/2 a year old. CRAZY. A full summer and fall semester have passed since she was born and while before she was born my life revolved around the academic calendar, right now it couldn't be further from my mind. I do wish, in a small part of my mind, that I had been able to accept the fellowship that was offered to me by Drisha as an Arts Fellow. However, we did not have a child to have her raised by someone else, and we recognize that this is a choice we made. Perhaps when she is a little older it is something I can go back to.

Over the last couple of weeks I feel like we have been running from place to place, seeing people and just generally rushing around. Since Thanksgiving we have: had my mother, her boyfriend, his mother and my in-laws and my friend Shaysig for turkey, then the day after we had the GarschBobs for brunch, my dad for that Shabbat, then the following Shabbat we had the Tewners in from Pittsburgh. That was followed by Erin's first Chanukah - she wasn't spoiled too badly - we decided to pass on getting her gifts this year as she will have no idea and we've had to get her stuff since she was born. Perhaps that's lame, but believe me, she got gifts! We did get her a new car seat and an umbrella stroller so we can more easily take the train into the city and explore.

Then, we had holiday stuff... Including David's office holiday party, then a trip up to Hartford where we spent Friday with my mom and Shabbat with my dad and his girlfriend, then dinner on Sunday to celebrate my dad's 65th - my Uncle came, and the GarschBobs so it was a full family weekend. It just feels like we have been running around. I am glad we are staying home right now, and that David is off the next two days.

I finished knitting David's scarf. It was intended for Chanukah, but didn't happen, so I made sure I completed it for his Hebrew birthday. Now I just have to get my act together for his English birthday!

I have been crocheting like a madwoman on the hugs and kisses afghan but haven't seen a hugs amount of progress because I have been doing it in the dark, and Erin seems to be falling asleep more quickly, so I will have to get on this! I also now have even more babies to get stuff done for, and I will have to write up a list because I know someone is going to be missed if I don't!

and, now I want to get a little knitting done before I go to sleep, so I will sign off for now. This might be my last post this month only because who knows what will happen between now and Monday. My only new years resolution will be to blog more consistently - and because I signed up for another swap, I am committing to blogging at least once a week... and I am going to make an ICAL reminder so I don't forget!

let's hope for some snow...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

sad... pathetic...

i can't believe it's been so long since my last post... and i can't really write much now... so, hopefully this evening i will be able to write more.... life has been busy, that i can say...