Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Calendar Year, New Month, New Look

and, I'm even going to try to publish more regularly... how do you like that! Just a quick one for tonight, though, as I am heading to sleep... Even though we don't celebrate the new year other than by changing a digit (or 2 depending on the year) when we are writing out the date, it does help to have a point in time to reflect on things. Perhaps it is a time to think about the things we tried to implement in our lives during the Yomim Noraim. Perhaps it's a time to start thinking about the 2 Ps (Purim and Pesach.)

Either way, whether you celebrate the Roman New Year or not, you do have to acknowledge it. One thing that was quite cool that happened this year is that Hubby's 40th birthday fell on 1/11/11. Now that isn't something that happens every year, every month or every day. Happy 40th! Happy Ones! Now, off to bed!

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