Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow and Ice Aren't Always So Nice...

but we just got a huge surprise in a baby gift for Squiggly (yep, he's 19months old!) It's a Fisher Price Spinnin' Sounds Speedway and they already seem to love it! It's a bit loud and requires 4 "C" batteries so I have a feeling I will hate it by the end of the day, but the fact of the matter is that the kids can't go out in this icy rain, the snow is probably going to be gone so no more playing in that, and this is a new toy that I didn't have to procure. How's that for a good one! I do wish the turntable in it were friction operated rather than needing the batteries to spin it but what can you do?

The funny thing is that this gift was not a one year birthday present, it was a birth gift. Why? Well, see, my friend D had a son about 3 months before Squiggly was born. I made him a hand-knit sweater. (will have to look for a picture) Anyway, apparently it was difficult for her to come up with a good reciprocal gift when the time came, so after struggling mightily she decided to give Squiggly what her son had received this past Hannukah, as he loved it so much. How could she have known we were in need of some new excitement on this icy snow day!

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