Saturday, March 22, 2008


the last two weeks have been busy! Erin hasn't been sleeping through the night this past week... and I am tired. She is drooling a ton - we think more teeth are on the way. My DH has a to do list for me. And, on it he had listed Purim Baking... about a month ago. I laughed... but should not have. Clearly he knew better than me. In my spare moments I should have baked and thrown in the freezer, and yet... I laughed. Last week was a marathon, and I feel like our shaloch manot were shvach. Three batches of chocolate biscotti and one large batch of hamentaschen later and I will not laugh ever again and the one month warning mark for Purim. I usually have three or four different baked goods... this year... just two.

And, as I look back on these two weeks I am amazed that I got even that much done. Of course, in addition to baking we had dentist appointments, La Leche League, my mother's group, and tax return stuff to take care of, you know, the everyday things. And, last Saturday as I was locking the back door my key just kept on spinning, and spinning and spinning... the lock broke... AGAIN! (of course the first two times were within weeks of the installation and it has now been two years) but it was still a little frustrating. Friday morning, as I was coordinating putting the shaloch manot delivery list in order and getting Erin and myself ready for the day, and get myself to megillah reading while coordinating w/ my FIL to watch the baby, the locksmith came to repair the lock. He mentioned that the lock hadn't been installed 100% correctly - the plate was too tight for a smooth rotation... probably why it broke before. He fixed it. It shouldn't break again. I hope!

And, on the project front, I have now finished one sleeve to Erin's sweater... and while I was excited to try a "mini-cable" which is really just a twist, I am not doing it on the second sleeve. Not only did it take me a long time to get the sleeve done, I don't love the way it came out. I will post a photo later. I just think the color (navy) and texture of the yarn make it invisible and I don't really like where the color changed from the olive to the navy. Maybe there is a better way to make that change. Dunno. The second sleeve will be solid. It should hopefully be done soon.

As a matter of fact... I am going to go knit a few rows.


Rima said...

It is great to be back :)

I cant wait to see this sweater. Do post pictures.

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