Thursday, August 4, 2011

There was something...

that I really wanted to blog about. Yesterday. And, of course, there wasn't time, so I thought for sure that I would have no problem remembering whatever it was. Yeah. Right. So, instead I give you this:

In case you don't know us IRL you may not realize or know that Squiggly gets into everything. I don't think I have really blogged about this too much, but here is what I can tell you. I have the latest in designer kitchens... holding my two ovens shut I have a ratchet strap. On my dishwashers I have clip locks that go onto my countertop. On many of our light switches we have lovely red covers that lock with the light in either the on or off position, whichever you choose. And, not to be left out, I have an industrial looking locked box around our thermostat. You know, the kind that they put in office buildings so that random people can't change the programmed settings of the building. Yeah. One of those. It matches my living room decor perfectly. I'd post pictures of all these baby proofing things, but it might make me cry.

On another note altogether....I will be trying out something new... Photo Phridays... so... check back tomorrow!

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