Wednesday, October 31, 2007

baby things...

I will never really understand the term sleeping like a baby... perhaps, could it be because Erin doesn't like to sleep... that the most we have gotten in a stretch was maybe 5 hours. Could a cold be causing her to stay awake, or to awaken every three to four hours... it couldn't be hunger, could it? Could it be her teeth, or lack thereof? WHERE ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!! She is so cute... so very very cute... most of the time.

In the meantime... I have begun to discover the world that is ravelry and have begun to realize that I need more hours of the day when I am not either feeding or carrying Erin. Don't get me wrong, I still strongly believe in everything I have read about attachment parenting, and I know that I have to follow my heart in how we parent her, but... I wish I had a couple of more hours a day without her attached... like if she would only nap in her crib consistently... although we do seem to be getting there... perhaps it only takes 6 months for things to fall into place like this. Who knows?!?!

Or, perhaps it's just that I am only now figuring out what I want to do/be when I grow up? NO, it's not that. I just have so many things I want to be doing. Like finishing the garden (no, it isn't mulched yet, nor do we know what plants will end up where and no I haven't ordered fall planting bulbs yet... maybe next year...) Like organizing the basement (yes, it's still filled with boxes...) Like emptying out our stuff from Erin's room (of course, it's not like we decided until the last minute which room was going to be hers, but still...)

More importantly, we need to get our business going, and for that to happen I only need a little more time in the day, or at least a little more time when Erin doesn't need my direct attention... like I said before, baby things... can you tell we are "older" parents... people who already had sort of set routines which are now being totally turned upside down...

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